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Message from our Chairman to our committee mambers.

Hi All


Firstly may Shelagh and I again wish you all a Very Happy Christmas, even if it’s a bit of an odd one this year.


As you know Roger is stepping down from the role of secretary after many years. We all owe him a huge debt for all his hard work over that time and especially in creating our website, which he has kindly said he will continue to run for us.


So we were faced with finding a replacement and I am very happy to say that Helen has agreed to take on the role.  She will need our support which I know you will all give her.


So, after discussions with Roger we suggest that we have a zoom committee meeting early to mid-January and as it is obvious we won’t be able to hold the AGM in person we call the AGM, on zoom. in mid-February. To that end if you need to write a report please can you get it to Roger by mid-January so he can send all the information out in one go. We will also need to send out voting slips for the positions available. 


I believe everybody except Roger was happy to continue in their role.


Until our next meeting, stay safe



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