How to find us

Set the sat nav to Leighton Buzzard, street name "The Vyne" and the number to 1. The Vyne is a short road leading from the top of Richmond Road, over a small railway line and to a mobile home park of the same name. Alongside the short road is a large car park.

Different sat nav systems can have an alternative which is to set the street name to Richmond Road and No. 70 which is the nearest house to the Vyne. Another alternative is to set the street name to Weston Avenue No. 87 which is about 50 yds from The Vyne.

From the car park, walk in the opposite direction from the mobile homes, along the short paved path running alongside railway line (40 metres) and you will find Page’s Park and the pavilion plus our lawns directly in front of you.


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Please contact Roger Stroud for any queries